Set: Bandage 5 in 1 + Nursing bra


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19-21 July

Band characteristics
The bandage is recommended to start wearing from the 13th week of pregnancy. This model is easily transformed into 5 bandages in order to make your pregnancy as comfortable and cost-effective as possible.
The bandage will not only reduce back pain and relieve tension in the lumbar region, but also:
• provide a gentle girth of the tummy, without causing discomfort;
• allow the baby to be in a comfortable natural position;
• help to maintain correct posture during pregnancy;
• prevent the appearance of stretch marks and diastasis of the abdominal muscles;
• will return your balance in movements

The bandage adapts to the growth of the tummy and stretches up to 30cm
Transforms into pre- and postpartum
Approved by OB/GYNs
Eco material, 95% cotton

Hypoallergenic composition that provides comfort and convenience even with prolonged wear, thanks to which the skin does not sweat and the bandage does not rub:

76% – Italian cotton,
12% – bamboo viscose
12% – elastic spandex

Bra characteristics
— Without seams
– Seedless
– Adjustable size
– Suitable for the entire period of pregnancy
— Ease of feeding: clip fastener on each shoulder strap

14 days return
Money Back Guaranteed
Free return
100% secure payment

Our belly band can be used during the entire pregnancy starting from the 13th week and after birth.

Hypoallergic composition ensures comfortable feelings even in case of a prolonged wearing; your skin does not sweat and the belly band does not rub sore your skin:

76% – Italian cotton,
12% – bamboo viscose
12% – elastic spandex

No. The belly band is made of an eco-fabric containing 95% of cotton which ensures dry skin without rubbing sores.

Yes. The belly band relieves back pains and fixes well the baby in the correct position. The main wide part of the belly band decreases the back tension and improves posture.

Yes. This model transforms easily into 5 different belly bands which ensures a comfortable pregnancy and saves your money. Due to this transformation qualities the belly band can also be used after birth.

Easymom belly band after birth:

• helps to recover the body shapes twice as fast
• restores the skin elasticity
• decreases the waist size
• protects post-surgical sutures in case of Caesarean section

No. The belly band fixes well the correct position of the baby

Each size envisages extra 30 cm for baby bump growth; therefore, you will feel comfortable wearing the belly band both during pregnancy and after birth.

You will have a chance to change your belly band to another size one time completely free of charge.

No. The belly band is soft and elastic, it stretches to ~30 cm

The belly band is very comfortable, it is my back saver. The size fits me in a perfect manner. It has a delicate and nice look; the delivery was fast.
I have been wearing the belly band for more than a week and I am absolutely happy with it! The size is ideal, the fabric is super soft, it does not rub sore anything and does not make you sweat. I am very happy with my purchase!
I am very happy with your product; the quality is super high. Everything is very comfortable and the fabric is good. Thank you for helping me with the choice, the size fits in a perfect manner.
The belly band is incredibly cool! The size fits perfectly and I still have space for belly growth. The quality is super good, I am sorry not to have ordered it before. The back feels much better.
I received the pack today and already tried it on. Thank you so much for a fast delivery, for your help in choosing the size and for the high-quality product. The belly band is gorgeous – thin fabric, soft hook-and-loop fasteners, supports my back so well!

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